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martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

A Frouxeira lagoon. Nesting ducks.

  These days, I´ve opened the blogger statiscics, in order to know where my readers were from. And I was very surprised! During these eight months from "Animals and rest of family" birth, There was 356 people that have visited this page from Russia, 291 from USA, 215 from Germany, 87 from United Kingdom, 39 from France, 33 from Argentina, 27 from Portugal, and other readers from Mexico, Colombia, Polonia, Chile, Venezuela, Ukraina, ... For all of you, para todos ustedes: thank you very much!!

 As a little dedication for all this people around the world, I´ll write in english today  because this is, in fact, our "global language" (I´m sure readers in France, Russia, Germany or Poland could understand me)

A Frouxeira laggon, located in the northestern extrem of A Coruña province is, during these May days, a good place to see our two nesting ducks species. The Mallard (Anas platyhrynchos) nice ducklings have just breaking the eggs, and swim with their mother, like small plush balls.

  Not many animals revive so much charm as little ducklings swimming on a pond...

 There is another nesting duck in A Frouxeira: the Gadwalls (Anas strepera).  Gadwall nesting don´t happen as early as Mallard´s case. The first ducklings would be watched in next June mounth.

 Persecutions between males and females are frequent these days.

 Just in front of tower hide, there´s a small inlet, knowed as "Lago pequeno" (Small lake) among the country people.

An Otter (Lutra lutra) was swimming nearby. We can consider this carnivorous mammal as a common predator on Ferrol  actually. This photo is very bad, but I´m sure that you would like a bit more heading blog photo (I was really lucky that day)

 Before leaving the lagoon, I found a Galician adder (Vipera Seoanei), killed close to de gravel road. This is an endemic reptil, that is located only over the north of Iberian peninsula (Galiza, Asturies, Cantabria, North Castilla and Euskal Herria).

  Finally, I apologize for my English (I don´t practise it since a long time ago). Sorry for mistakes I could have.


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