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jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

Looking for the SX50 limits

A few days ago, was experimenting again with my compact camera. Taking photos of moving objects with a "birdge" camera, as a bird flying, is something much more difficult that with a reflex one. But I have discovered some mistakes I usually made each time I tried. First of all: the zoom. I abused with it, cause if choose a maximum zoom (equivalent to a 1200 mm lens!), it´s quite imposible to frame the object, at least for me. Bridge cameras need much time to focus (reflex are really quick) , and this means another problem with flying objects.

 So, I decided reduce zoom when focus some gulls (medium of scale, around 600 mm), for better catching birds into frame. And worked!!

  Another handicap was chosen shot speed. I understood that a faster speed was necesary, and went up until 1/500 sec first...

...and 1/1000 sec after. Then, gull became "freezed" enough.

Black headed Gull (Larus ridibundus)

    Just in lagoon shore, a Lesser black-backed Gull, highly contrasted over dark waters, was a new oportunity for prove. On that sunny morning, light was really intense, and wanted to photograph it without "burn" the whites. Diaphragm don´t close more than F: 8 in SX50, so you must increase shot speed in those occasions when light is higher .

Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus)

  Well, as you can see, I keep on proving...


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  1. Madre mía, que fotos tan espectaculares... Encántanme as túas probas...

    1. Graciñas, Inés. A verdade é que estou bastante contento co meu progreso. Os que non tiveron nunca "bridge" e só probaron as reflex non teñen nin idea do complicado que é sacar este tipo de fotos con estas cámaras compactas de enfoque lentíííísimo (o seu único "pero", por outra banda)
      Un abrazo.


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