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miércoles, 9 de octubre de 2013

Looking for calm

This afternoon, I went to the cape of Punta Frouxeira, in Valdoviño. This is a very, very, very special place for me. Not just for being really close to "my" lagoon, but also cause here I lived some important moments in my life. I usually go there when need to take a trascendental decission. And, today, I needed it.

  Don´t know if cause are brave waters of Valdoviño sea, silence you can breath there.. or white gulls flying over you, but I really feel on calm when stay here. And calm is most important thing for me now.

Meirás sea

 Punta Frouxeira lighthouse... Many years passed away from 1994, but its presence still keep on calming down my spirit, from that year.
 There is another powerfull lighthouse, 1100 kilometres far from me, but it´s too much difficult for me to receive her light heat.

Punta Frouxeira lighthouse

 It´s life, and no more.

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