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martes, 23 de abril de 2013

Whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus)

It´s April, and it means that migration has started. Most important days for it are last days on April and first on May, when hundreds or thousand waders make a stop in Ferrol beaches and lagoons. Usually this settle happens when north-eastearly winds blows. A few days of north-east are enough for birds begin to appear in A Frouxeira. And among them, Whimbrel is on of the most numerous species.

    At the earlier hours on the morning, a group of 9 Whimbrels was resting on the shore rocks. Past summer, the little beach of "Os Botes", in Meirás, proved to be an excellent place for waders photography.

  After tide went out, Whimbrels flied to beach for feeding.

Photo: Canon SX50 bridge camera    F: 6,5  1/250 sec  ISO 200

   I needed to use my tripod, because light was not enough for using high speed (focal length of my little compact camera is equivalent to 1200 mm on reflex 35 mm sensor!!)

Whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus)    Canon SX50  bridge camera   1/80 sec.  F:6,5  ISO 100

 During next days, number of waders will increase. If it´s a normal year, until reach several thousand of individuals. "Bichos e demáis familia" will stay there, for report.

 We see on next post!

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  1. Xa están eiquí os pampos de Maio. Así lles chamaban os vellos en Pedroso. Agora si que está a entrar a Primaveira ...

    1. Si señor, "Pampos de Maio". Logo de que me comentaras ese nome local, escoiteino tamén a un compañeiro de traballo, creo que de Moeche. Desde logo o nome quédalle a güebo (aínda que tamén se ven moito en Agosto-Setembro)